Singer Accessories Set (Puzzle Box / Godzilla Box) (15k Machine)


Set of accessories for Singer machine. Contains  accesssories & mounting screw plus needles, 2 screwdrivers & 3 bobbins all in a steel box. A small leaflet is included showing the positions of the contents, so that you can fit everything back in and shut the lid. (this may be the original but is more likely a copy)

The name 'puzzle box' refers to the puzzle of getting everythin back if you haven't got the diagram and 'Godzilla box' is a nickname because of the finish of the outside of the box.

The design of the needle packet may vary but it will contain new needles.

The box is supplied with bobbins for the 15K (side load bobbin) machine.

For drop-in type bobbins see seperate listing.


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