SINGER 66 The XXth Century Sewing Machine Publicity Book.


This is an interesting booklet detailing the options available by way of tables cabinets and attachments for the Singer 66k sewing machine. Published at the beginning of the 20th century ( about 1902).

The book was in one of the drawers of my mothers treadle 66 machine when I was a boy and I purloined it.

Interextingly, the most expensive version of the 'Drawing Room Cabinet' on pages 16 and 17 was available with burr walnut veneer top and sides with marquetry doors on the front. With a 66k machine head (which was the most expensive model at the time) this cost around £100, about the same cost as a 3 bedroom terrace house.

The original of this book is a bit tatty but the contents are interesting. It was produced to publisise the introduction of what was to become a very popular model, whic was in the Singer range for over 50 years.

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