JONES Vintage Hand Cranked Heavy Weight Sewing Machine.(Pre-owned)


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Jones hand cranked sewing machine Tihs is a nice heavy cast iron machine from the 1960s. It has  a side loading round bobbin which fits into a separate bobbin case in the style of the Singer 15K. (Thiese are actually known as '15 clones' in the trade)

It will sew both forwards & backwards soit is easy ti fasten off the ends of seams.

You may see this machine advertised as 'Semi-industrial'. It most certainly IS NOT  it is a  quality, well engineered, quite heavy duty domestic machine. It can cope with denim, heavy curtain fabrics and even soft leather, with no trouble.

There is a drop-feed functionon fofree-hand darning, quilting, embroidery etc.

It will sew very heavy fabrics (convas etc.) and produce an acceptable stitch on them, but it would possibly damage it, especially with prolonged use on this and, if used for such work on a larger scale it could be completely ruined.

The machine has a polished wood base with a brown leatherette covered cover.

Fully serviced and guaranteed for 1 year (provided it is used as a domestic machine and not subjected to use for which it was not designed).

As with all our pre-owned machines a copy of the instruction manual is included.

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